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Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Bit About Me and the Blog

Hello my name is Lewis Twiby. I come from Doncaster, South Yorkshire in the UK and you can find me on twitter @lewistwiby, on steam under the name mortalkombat247 and under mortalkombat247.

On this blog I aim to delve into alternate history so please leave any suggestions of an alternate history scenario that you want to see. I aim to be apolitical on this blog so not to offend anyone but a few historical figures are definitely up for criticism; mainly bloodthirsty dictators. I will also be posting movie and game reviews as well as anyother thing that springs to mind related to the sci-fi, horror and fantasy genres. I will also analyse key historical events and delve into another great love of mine: paleontology.

I hope you enjoy and please leave any comments!

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