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Sunday, 1 June 2014

What If: The Axis won World War Two? Part 2

Last time we saw that by 1947 in an alternate reality the Axis powers had defeated the Allies except for the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The US would still remain rich and will fund both Indian revoltuionaries fighting the Japanese as well as European nations. In our reality Truman used the Marshall Plan to combat communism but in this one it is against Nazism. The USSR banned its puppets from accepting Marshall Aid so we can assume Hitler would do the same. It is likely that guerilla resistance will still be operating in Britain, France and Russia making life hell for the Nazis while the systematic purges and bookburnings take place. Hitler would make puppet states of the defeated nations of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain and Yugoslavia with loyal governments installed. For example the leader of the British Union of Fascists Oswald Mosely would be made Prime Minister and Edward VII would be remade King due to his Nazi sympathies so with a king loyal to Hitler the public would be more loyal to the Reich.

In 1949 to America's dismay the Nazis detonate the 'Keisar Bomb' which is their first nuclear bomb. The Nazis research into nuclear warheads was lacking but with the annexation of the USSR they would obtain bomb secrets and from the notes the Rosenburgs had given to the Russians about the US bomb so they had accidentally given the Nazis the bomb. An arms race would then develop between the US and Reich but with the Nazis rocket knowledge they would quickly send a man to space and in 1965 put a man on the moon. The US would then beat the Nazis to the next goal by placing a man on Mars before the end of the Space Race. At the same time the US would be funding anti-fascist groups throughout the world so the likes of Batista would not come to power. In our timeline Japan placed natives in govenor roles like in Indonesia so they would do the same in Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh as Govenor. This would be very bad for them as now Ho Chi Minh would have a massive voice to spread nationalism and his Viet Minh would revolt against the Japanese before gaining independence with fascist North Vietnam under Ngo Dinh Diem and the South under Ho Chi Minh.

The civil rights movement would be more well received in the US than our lifetime as the urge to differ themselves from the Reich the government would be more willing to give unions, African Americans, women and homosexuals more rights. HUAC would be aimed at fascists and Nazis instead of socialist and communists. Hitler had a very weak heart so in 1953 he would die of a heart attack to be replaced by Martin Bormann but Bormann was very unpopular with all the high command and would be ousted in a coup similarly to how Khrushchev was ousted but this time in 1955 to be replaced by Goebbels. An alternate Missile Crisis would take place but in Haiti with Paul Magloire seizing power. JFK instead is assassinated by a Nazi sympathiser instead of a Communist one but as the US doesn't get involved in the Vietnam War, (where the Nazis and Italians send troops to help Diem), LBJ's Great Society is a success and more right wing politicians like Nixon are not elected. Japan becomes the third power block then in the Cold War with them being angry about Goebbels more racist stance.

By 1991 the Third Reich would collapse. Already it was shrouded with controversy with US spy planes taking pictures of the camps and deportation camps. Slowly as well the crimes would come out like using prisoners as test subjects for weapons. This would end trade with them damaging the economy. The Nazi economy was based on war production and the Four Year Plan ruined the economy and forced Hitler into war so it is understandable that a similar thing would happen so the economy would start to crumble. In Italy, the Reich and their puppets people would start to protest with the increasing globalisation in the 1980s and groups like the Edelweiss Pirates would become popular again. Slowly Britain, France and other nations break away from the Nazis; Britain becoming a republic. The Reich and Italian Empires will collapse similarly to how the USSR did thus ending the Cold War.

Thanks for reading and please leave any comments. Also if you want to see any alternate histories please say and I'm going to do my first movie review soon so please feel free to post what film you want me to review in the future.

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